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Website design and development from FuzionMedia: Why Us?

A fresh approach to web design and e-commerce solutions
We are specialists in customised web site design and online store solutions. Below are a few of the main reasons that we feel the services of our company are second to none.

We have used our years of experience in web design and customer relations to develop a fresh approach towards how we develop our clients websites. This not only results in a smoother development from start to finish but has also allowed us to lower our costs to what we believe to be the most competitive in the industry, without sacrificing quality of design or service

We have no “salesmen”, right from the word go you will speak directly with a fully experienced web design expert. Upon commissioning a website you will be assigned a personal designer, who will communicate directly with you. An additional benefit to this direct approach is that with no unnecessary middlemen to pay, further savings are passed on to you.


The Price Is Right
We closely monitor our competitors and their prices to ensure ours remain the most cost effective on the market whilst retaining the high level of quality that we pride ourselves upon. We also understand that it is neither fair nor sometimes possible for the entire cost of the development to be laid down up front, so we simply ask for a small deposit at the beginning of the development and take the final amount when the site is complete and you are completely satisfied with what we have produced.


A Lasting Relationship
All too often once a web design company has taken your money and delivered your website, any future advice and questions or updates to the site can be timely and expensive. We pride ourselves on creating lasting relationships with all of our clients, being on hand as their website helps their business grow. If you require any major additions or developments to your existing site we will honour our competitive pricing structure and respond to any questions or queries honestly and quickly.


Finger On The Pulse
Too many web design companies are happy to churn out rehashes of previous designs and pass these off as bespoke, fresh developments. Here at Fuzion Media we strive to keep our finger on the pulse of modern design and think our portfolio is testament to this. We will always suggest possible improvements to client requirements if we feel there are any and show clients alternative ways to achieve the look and feel they are after.


Feature Rich
Whether you want a small, attractive site to advertise your services, a website you can update yourself or a fully bespoke web solution we can help. Our level of experience in small to large websites shines through right from first contact with your designer to the help and guidance in using your website and online services.


An Excellent Working Relationship
We genuinely strive for excellence in everything we do and build our sites to the highest possible standards, no matter what the cost of the build is. We also understand that a good reputation can be worth a thousand quick sales which is why honesty and integrity are paramount to us. Our clients will happily confirm our allegiance to this ethos and you are welcome to contact them to confirm this.


Contact Us Easily
We understand that many people starting up their own business need to work day jobs, and therefore cannot always communicate with us during normal working hours and this is something we have taken on board. We also understand that with a website attracting customers from a worldwide plane, our 'night time' is always someone's elses 'open for business', with this in mind we ensure emails are regularly monitored after the standard closing time in case of emergencies and when special arrangements are made.


Communication Is Key
The most important thing that we have learnt over the years it is that regular communication is a key aspect of any relationship with a client. With this in mind we involve the client with every step of the development, with regular updates and opportunities to view the site as it's in development.


No Technobabble
PHP, .NET, MySQL, DNS Records - to most people these words will mean nothing and we understand that. We have a wealth of experience dealing with clients with both a limited and extensive knowledge of the Internet, allowing us to communicate clearly with everyone. We will help you along the way right from buying your website domain name through to operating your online shop and accessing your emails.


We are a unique web design company and we hope you'll soon agree

If you have any questions about FuzionMedia or any of our services, please feel free to contact us.


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